Anal Bleaching


Anal Bleaching


3-Step Anal Bleaching for a smoother, lighter and pinkish private part.

Karess Anal Bleaching is a 3-step process that makes your anal area and surrounding skin smoother, lighter and pinkish! We don't use harsh chemicals such as those that are banned in the U.S. We only use natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective for skin lightening.


When we say Anal Bleaching, we mean Anal Bleaching

What makes us different from other anal bleaching products is the fact that ours is gentle yet strong enough to really make a difference. Most of the anal bleaching products sold are very mild which make it impossible to lighten such a dark area like the anus and buttocks. They are mostly comparable to those you can easily buy over-the-counter or at your local market. Karess Anal Bleaching is dermatologist-grade and it's the same thing a dermatologist uses for this type of service. We want to make sure that your anal and buttocks area really lighten and become pinkish!

Karess Anal Bleaching is very potent and highly concentrated to really bleach your anal and buttocks area! NO-NONSENSE. NO FALSE PROMISES.



Kojic Acid research shows that Kojic Acid is effective in inhibiting melanin production. This acid is formed during the fermentation process of the Japanese rice wine, sake.

Azelaic Acid we use a 20% concentration for Karess Anal Cream for the treatment of skin discolorations.

Alpha Arbutin their benefit is in helping cell turnover rates and removing unhealthy or abnormal layers of superficial skin cells where hyperpigmented cells can accumulate.

Vitamin C can help brighten the skin tone and an effective antioxidant for the skin.

These ingredients are formulated at high concentrations to make your anal area lighter and pinkish!



1st Process: EXFOLIATION

Your anal area has a rough and uneven texture that makes it more unsightly and embarrassing to expose. It usually has bumps and flaws that we want to get rid of. Before moving on to the bleaching process, our goal is to remove these unwanted flaws first.

Step #1: Karess Anal Serum

Karess Anal Serum is needed to gently exfoliate the anal area without being harsh on it. This removes dead skin, bumps, and impurities that makes it rough when touched.

Step #2: Karess Anal Cream

Karess Anal Cream is used to completely separate the exfoliated skin from the surface. After several applications of anal serum, the anal skin becomes ripe for exfoliation but still it wouldn't completely shed off yet. Since we don't want to keep on applying the anal serum for a long period of time, we follow it up with Karess Anal Cream for the exfoliation process to be more natural and gentle.



After about 5-7 days following anal exfoliation, we're now ready for the bleaching process. Karess Anal Bleaching is safe and specifically formulated for this very sensitive area. We don't use harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone, mercury or steroids. We guarantee you that we only use safe and natural ingredients.

Step #3: Karess Anal Bleaching Solution
After taking a shower, pat dry your anal area including the buttocks. Apply Karess Anal Bleaching Solution on the anal area and its surrounding dark skin.


Follow these 3 Easy Steps and you'll have flawless, pinkish anal area in just 3 weeks!




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